Unveiling a New Email App from Google

Published on November 18, 2014

An abundance of email applications have been released in the past month or so. A new email app from Google, however, just may take the cake.

A new beta version of their brand spanking new "Inbox" app - "The Inbox That Works For You" - appears to be bringing a fresh new perspective to what an email application looks and feels like.

Google describes their new Inbox app as "a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters."

Special Features of the Inbox App:

  • See detailed information from each email (including order updates, flight status updates, reservation details, and pictures) in a preview mode - no need to open the actual email
  • Add to-do reminders right at the top of your inbox
  • Group similar emails together via context
  • Denote actionable steps for specific emails
  • Snooze emails and reminders for specific amounts of time
  • Updated and optimized search bar
  • A visually striking similarity to Google+ and Google Hangouts
  • And, of course, a direct integration with Gmail

Google Inbox Preview

Interested in trying out this feature yourself? Visit the Google Inbox page here and try it out. So far, we agree with the abundant 5 star ratings the app is receiving - this could be the next best email app.