Updates Allow Users to Annotate with Evernote

Published on July 17, 2013

Two of our favorite tools, Evernote and Skitch, have just undergone updates could make some of you Geeks very happy, and some of you non-Geeks more productive!

Evernote now has the capability to edit attached Office documents (rather than just being able to view them) with the "OfficeSuite" app.  You can now also configure your homescreen widget to display a list view (it was thumbnail only.)  Something else we love, that widget can be viewed on your lockscreen (supported in Android Jellybean or newer), which means you can consult your note previews in a hurry.  

Evernote's visual counterpart, Skitch, all Premium users are now able to annotate PDFs right in the app.  If you're curious on all of the details, check out this article from Engadget.