UppTalk to Offer an Affordable $15 per Month Mobile Plan

Published on February 20, 2014

Good news for cell phone users looking for affordable mobile plans!  Mobile messaging and voice app company, UppTalk, announced last Wednesday their intentions of becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) under the name "UppWireless".  They will be reselling megabytes on T-Mobile's network, while offering core communication services through its already exceptional app.

UppWireless is joining the ranks of some already successful all-IP operators located here in the US, including Republic Wireless, TextNow, and our friends over at FreedomPop which we've written about before.  While UppWireless doesn't offer the free services that FreedomPop provides, it certainly will offer an exceptionally inexpensive communication service simply by using VoIP and IP messaging.


All plans at UppWireless offer unlimited voice and SMS through its app.  The pricing comes in terms of data usage.  $15 per month will give you 1 GB of data usage, $35/mo 3 GB, and $55/mo 5 GB.

Calls and texts are routed through the smartphone software on UppWireless, but users still get a phone number to make and receive traditional phone calls.  Note that it is a SIM card-only service, which means users buy or bring their own iPhone/Android smartphones to the network.

How do you think this plan compares to other plans?  Would you like to see more all-IP operators popping up?  Would you use a service like this?  We're curious what you think!  Leave us a comment or send us an email.