Use Ghost Inspector for Less Website Down Time

Published on September 19, 2014

New Chrome browser extension "Ghost Inspector" is on the line from a Chicago-based development team. This extension provides aid to business owners and web developers who are looking for less down time on their web-based presence.

And good news: they're offering a free lifetime subscription for Geek | Chicago readers! We hope you're able to take advantage of these awesome features.

What is Ghost Inspector?

Ghost Inspector is an extremely flexible product that minimizes some of the headaches that inevitably come with building a web-based business. For entrepreneurs and developers who don’t want to spend weeks building a platform to monitor key site functionality, Ghost Inspector is an affordable and easy-to-use alternative.

This Chrome browser extension records and runs tests to check specific functionality (and find errors or variations) on your website or applications. All tests are stored in the cloud and are run continuously, sending you an email notification whenever an error or variance is detected.

Using Ghost Inspector to deal with code breaks

When building a site or app, features will inevitably break optimal legacy code. Every developer and entrepreneur has suffered from having an error on their site go undetected for a long period of time, resulting in lost revenue and additional headaches.

Ghost Inspector goes beyond simple uptime monitoring by implementing customized, targeted tests. While you will almost always notice if your entire website goes down, a simple code push that breaks functionality in your shopping cart and prevents potential customers from adding items may go without notice for days. If you have Ghost Inspector continuously running tests, however, you’ll get an alert as soon as something goes wrong.

How to use Ghost Inspector for your business

You can set up Ghost Inspector with a nice variety of tests to keep your website and apps functioning smoothly. Here are some ways they recommend you use their product:

  • Testing new member sign-up process (including email submission and password creation)
  • Testing shopping cart functionality
  • Testing “Contact Us” forms to ensure proper functionality
  • Screenshot comparison variance testing (ie, be alerted if a page simply looks different than the baseline)
  • Monitoring Amazon and airlines for declines in prices of select items / flights

Get your free lifetime subscription by clicking here!

Be sure and check out the Ghost Inspector Tutorial and their FAQ page for more information.