How to Use Images to Guide Your Reader’s Eye

Published on October 23, 2015

Like mapping out your keywords, the deliberate placement of specific images throughout your blog can steer your audience's gaze towards the parts you want to emphasize. Visual content is already a boon for SEO, but you can take your content production to the next level by using these three kinds of images:

1. Angled

Of course, all images have a particular angle (even if those angles are 90°). In this case, however, it's important to use images with slants to your advantage. For example, a photo that makes the eye travel in a downward angle could be used to point out your business' contact information or newsletter sign up. An angle that draws the eye to the right could point out archived blog post titles. Giving your reader's subconscious subtle direction like this is a great way to encourage their engagement without demanding it. 

2. Eyes

Imagine that you're at a restaurant and you see a man at another table staring at the doorway. You're bound to turn and look, right? Visual content also works this way. Use the gaze of those featured in your photographs to drive your audience around your website. 

This even applies to social media! Rotate images that encourage clicks through Facebook and Instagram albums by using the direction of eyesight to propel your viewer. 

3. Arrows and Pointers

When in doubt, point it out. Using arrows and pointers might be an obvious trick, but it works. Think of these as road signs for your content, as they clearly and blatantly direct your reader exactly where you want them. 

Use programs like InDesign or Photoshop to get creative with these types of icons. By using icons, you can easily make images your own (provided you're using them legally) and reinforce the theme of your website. When it comes to web design, small details have a large impact! 

Sound a little time consuming?

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