Gadget of the Week – UV Pro Elite Shoe Sanitizer

Published on October 20, 2016

For any Geeks out there struggling with stinky feet, there’s finally a high tech solution that promises to help battle odor and keep all of your favorite shoes clean, crisp, and ready for any situation.

Ditch the baking soda and newspapers and go pro: UV Pro, that is.

The UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer is the wireless, digital way to cleaner-smelling shoes. The wireless units, which charge in any USB portal in minutes, use targeted ultraviolet light to kill “99.99%” of bacteria, even in hard to reach places. Even better? The UV Pro lets you sterilize multiple products, from shoes to gloves to bags, without having to spend money on irritating chemical cleaners or professional alterations.

The small models are compact and travel-ready, and their touch sensors prevent the devices from turning on in your hand. Instead, simply set the UV Pro in the item to be cleaned, set it, and come back in minutes to a more sterile, less stinky boot, shoe, or bag.

With a bevy of five-star reviews on Amazon, the UV Pro is worth a shot for anyone who’s given up hope on eliminating, viruses, odor-causing bacteria, mold and allergens. A two-piece set retails for $93.69 on Amazon; you can also opt for a larger set for around $150, or a single device for $36.75.

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