Gadget of the Week – Vinci 2.0 Smart Wireless Headphones

Published on February 8, 2018

Have you ever been working out when, suddenly, you get hit by a brainwave?

Maybe you were banging out crunches when you remembered that you need to stock up on Cap’n Crunch cereal. Maybe you were in the middle of biking to work when you realized you’d rather be listening to a motivational TED Talk than German death metal.

It happens! And until now, it could be majorly annoying to deal with issues like these, even with a set of voice-controlled or truly wireless earbuds.

The problem? Your headphones weren’t smart enough. Enter the Vinci 2.0 system, which promises to be “the world’s first standalone smart wireless headphones.”

That’s a lot of techy adjectives, so let’s break them down. In essence, the Vinci 2.0 acts as a replacement for your smartphone, specifically when you’re working out or on the go. The main device sits gently on the back of your neck, with unobtrusive earbuds that stretch upwards to let you plug in.

Boasting the power of AI and Alexa integration, the Vinci 2.0 allows you to perform all sorts of tasks, without ever needing to dig out a phone or even use your hands. While wearing your Vinci 2.0, you’ll be able to make calls, search the web, get directions, play music, monitor your workout, and perform hundreds of other tasks, all via voice command (the system also features gesture control, if you want to be a little more hands-on).

And, smart functionality aside, the Vinci 2.0 would impress as a headphone system; it features impressive audio specs, and boasts eight different noise cancellation modes as well as immersive 3D sound capabilities.

Ready to make Leonardo and get da Vinci? Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news (worse than that joke, even). As of the time of this writing (early 2018), the Vinci 2.0 system is only available for preorder, and the first batches aren’t expected to be delivered until spring of 2018. If you hop on now, though, you may be able to snag a set for less than $90; once Vinci 2.0 officially launches, it’s projected to retail for around $150.

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