“Waze” now Powered by Google – The Best App to Get Around

Published on June 12, 2013

Big news in the app world. One of our favorite big companies, Google, is teaming up with one of our favorite small companies, Waze, in what we hope will improve what is already the greatest navigation app on the market.

You may have heard of Waze: We consider it crowd-sourcing at its finest, proving free GPS navigation for your Smartphone that is aided by a wireless community of drivers that help to provide real-time traffic updates. With users simply driving around with the app open, Waze pulls the MPH data of collective users, uses that information to identify roads with heavier traffic or obstacles, and then optimizes your route automatically by changing your route to avoid those roads. Users can also add messages along with their current traffic situations, notifying others of, say, a fender bender, bridge lift, or speed trap.

It has some other cool features too, including a red light camera alert, social media integration, linking directly with Facebook and Twitter to let you know which friends are driving around you, and the ability to send others your route information via text, so they can track your drive progress.

Google purchasing this app a couple of days ago for just over $1 billion will surely safeguard its #1 position in the map applications field. Map-apps are among the top 5 most used apps on smartphones, alongside music and games. Keep an eye out for the newly integrated Google-Waze app - you know we will be!