What Can You Learn About Online Marketing From Celebrities?

Published on September 9, 2015

You probably know that social media is a necessary part of any digital marketing campaign, and that's especially true for celebrities. Whether it's a group of actors reading mean tweets about themselves on Jimmy Kimmel or the recent publication of Kim Kardashian's book of selfies, stars are engaging with social media on larger levels. It turns out that, yes, stars really are just like us. 

So, what can marketers learn from the likes of Vin Diesel's Facebook account? As it turns out, plenty: 

1. Use Social Media to Build Meaningful Relationships With Followers

Businesses, like celebrities, can use Twitter to speak directly with "fans" and retweet posts they find especially effective or funny. This will make followers feel special while giving you free content to use on your social media platforms (and it might even be an opportunity to find new testimonials!).

2. Tap Into New Fan Bases

Because you can reach out to almost anyone through social media and measure certain qualities of your viewership through analytics, you can make like post-Harry Potter Emma Watson and tap into potential followers that your previous work might be leaving out. Think about how one of your products or services might benefit Group A, while at the same time, reaching out to Group B with an equally relevant product or service. Tag groups on Twitter, follow pages on Facebook, and engage with the content of non-competitors!

3. Introduce a Social Media "Takeover"

Take a cue from the stellar film promotion of Ted, and let a character take over your social media accounts for a period of time. Produce content from their perspective. Maybe your company has a mascot - Go there! Have fun with it, and let your followers see your sense of humor.

4. Put Up Plenty of Visual Content

Celebrities have massive Instagram followings, because their fans want to get a glimpse of what a day in the life looks like. Make sure that you're also diversifying your visual content in a way that lets your audience see your business' culture. Social videos are a great place to begin!

5. Create Pre-Awareness of New Product

Lady Gaga is great at teasing her audience with hints and riddles about upcoming tours and albums. You can also do this through your content by creating a countdown to the launch of a new product!

6. Update Across Multiple Platforms

Bring in more followers by posting regularly through multiple platforms! Check out Buffer when you're looking to get this started.

7. Social Media Can Make You More Relevant

Think of Betty White. She had a thriving career back in the 1960's and 70's, followed by her wild success on The Golden Girls. But, then, there was silence on her end. That is, until she took to social media in the late 2000's and essentially revamped her career. 

Social media is part of your brand, and even if it's been established for years, having a strategy in place will make you relevant to newer audiences. 

8. Showcase Other Ventures and Partnerships

Maybe you're running a restaurant and a coffeeshop, just like Beyoncé is running her music career and the world. Link together your multiple ventures to continue building an audience.

9. Demonstrate Your Business' Compassion

Celebrities frequently endorse or shout-out to charities in order to show that they care about certain causes. Your business can do this, too. It's a great way to build a reputation while also giving attention to something worthwhile! Win-win!

Need Help?

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