What is Digital Marketing?

Published on August 7, 2015

Have you ever said a word over and over such that it temporarily loses its meaning?

This lapse in definition is called "semantic satiation" and results in your listener making out nothing but nonsense sounds where words would normally be. 

In the blogosphere, the phrase "digital marketing" might also feel like it's reached a type of semantic satiation. Everyone is clacking and typing about it, offering 10 million different tips to improve your strategies, language, visuals, SEO, titles, hooks, etc., etc.

But, we'd wager that most experts, if put on the spot, might need a few minutes to come up with a concise description for "digital marketing."

Defining Digital Marketing

On that note, it's worth revisiting the basics of digital marketing. At its most 101 level:

Digital marketing is the use of electronic media to promote a product and secure leads.

It frequently involves strategies from a variety of platforms: social media, blogs, and websites (just to name a few).

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Shows like Mad Men illustrate how marketing and advertising must adapt to technological advances and follow trends in order to stay relevant. Instead of looking through the phonebook, people go online to find information about a product or service. Having a digital marketing campaign is necessary to a business' survival, but a thriving business creates a digital marketing strategy to adeptly set themselves apart on the internet. 

Digital Marketing's Other Offerings

Digital marketing provides several invaluable qualities:

  1. It builds and bolsters your brand.
  2. Digital marketing offers convenience and efficiency by putting your offering in consumers laps, and through a wide range of apps. We're poets?
  3. It provides measurable data.
  4. It also puts the consumer in control, which can increase brand loyalty. 

The Elements of Digital Marketing

Whether you're beginning your digital marketing campaign or revamping a current strategy, you'll want to pay attention to these different components: 

Website Design

This can determine your customer's experiences. Follow the steps to make a great first impression!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having strong SEO can improve your spot in search engine results!


There are alternatives to PPC, but it's still good familiarize yourself with this basic marketing tool, it certainly has its place.

Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)

You can use social media to engage with your audience and build relationships!

Content Marketing

Give the people something to follow! Writing a blog on behalf of your business is a killer way to show expertise and personality. You can refresh this quality content and keep your site booming.

Digital marketing is ubiquitous with the online experience, so you might want to dig up your strategies by their roots and assess whether or not they're serving your business' current mission. Doing so will help distinguish your product or service from competitors.

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