Gadget of the Week – WINDBLOCKER

Published on August 24, 2016

We love living and working in the Windy City, but there’s one thing that can get a little bit annoying about it, and it’s, well… all that wind. 

For Geeks on the go, making a cell call or recording a mobile video from the street, an L platform, or a balcony can be a windswept hassle, a constant battle to be heard over Chicago’s legendary lake effect breezes.

Fortunately, now there’s a practical, affordable solution for all that wind noise: the WINDBLOCKER.

This nifty accessory, which looks a bit like the foam ball of a hand-held mic, clips right over the microphone speaker on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to talk normally while cancelling out all of that loud, pesky wind noise.

Don’t want to walk around with the gadget attached to your phone? You can easily slide the WINDBLOCKER on or off your phone, store it on a key ring, or switch it between your devices; the WINDBLOCKER’s simple design makes it compatible with virtually any smartphone or tablet. Even better, WINDBLOCKERs come in a variety of colors, from bright green and blue to muted black or gray.

Ready to say “hush” to all that pesky wind noise – and say “hello” to crystal-clear phone calls? WINDBLOCKER retails for less than $15 for a three-pack through Amazon.

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