App of the Week – Wish

Published on July 20, 2016

There are no shortage of ways to shop online. You can search for goods you like on Pinterest and then go to a brick-and-mortar retailer to make the sale; you can browse and buy through impersonal behemoths like Amazon or eBay; you can turn to personalized delivery services like Trunk Club or Loot Crate.

But for consumers who want to “make shopping fun” again, there’s an app that combines the best of all of these options: Wish.

Wish bills itself as “an online shopping mall,” boasting “hundreds of different stores selling millions of products from all over the world.”

So just how does it work? Just log in to Wish and let the app get to know you with search and filter options. From there, Wish will show you a personalized feed of clothes, gadgets, and accessories pulled from its ever-growing stock of products from retailers around the world.

Similar to Pinterest, you can add these items to a social “wishlist,” perfect for sharing with friends or family. But Wish also allows you to buy that eye-catching item directly in-app, often at steep discounts (typically for 50-80% cheaper than you might find anywhere else, according to the developer).

Ready to “take the mall with you wherever you go?” with this convenient, eye-opening new way to shop? Wish is available as free download for iOS and Google devices.

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