App of the Week – Wodify

Published on May 25, 2016

Who says CrossFit can’t be geeky?

With the Wodify app, boxes (aka CrossFit gyms) across the country are replacing their iconic whiteboards and “Workout of the Day” charts with flat screens and smartphones – and your workout may just be all the better for it.

While there are plenty of fitness – and even CrossFit-specific – apps on the market, Wodify is different due to its box-focused approach, which lets you manage the practical ins and outs of your box membership with just the tap of a finger.

When your box starts using the app, Wodify becomes your one-stop shop for taking care of your CrossFit needs: Use Wodify to sign into class, record and monitor your Workout of the Day results, track your nutrition, “drop in” to boxes when you’re on the go, and even instantly share your fitness updates to social media.

Now, it’s important to realize upfront that Wodify will be more or less useless if your box doesn’t go digital and sync up its coaches and members with the app. Before downloading the program, make sure your box is on board (or, you know, pester your administrators until they sign up). Another thing to keep in mind? Some users prefer the traditional CrossFit experience to the digital model: While Wodify is growing in popularity every day and the app has a very favorable rating on Android devices, Apple users have been less enthusiastic, complaining about bugs and lagtime issues.

Still, if your box is a member, Wodify is a free, easy way to track your fitness goals and rethink your CrossFit approach. Ready to jump into the box of the future? Wodify is available to download in the Google Play Store and through Apple.  

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