Write a Compelling Blog Title Every Time

Published on May 29, 2014

A great blog article deserves a great blog title to go along with it - and that title can make all the difference between getting your target readers to your page or not.

So, what's the formula for creating a great blog title? Steamfeed has some great ideas sure to pump up your own blog titles with a little more pizazz.

Create a "Swipe File" for Your Ideas and Inspiration

Think of a "swipe file" as your digital brainstorming hub (or, you know, something like a Pinterest board for blog titles).  As you go about your daily web browsing, keep an eye out for particularly catchy blog titles - and add those to your swipe file.

You can create this file on any platform that works best for you - Word, Google Drive (Docs), Evernote, or another simple and clean document storing device.

Revisit your swipe file on a rainy day when you're just not sure what your blog title should be.

Generate Your Own Title With These Rules in Mind

Now that you've got your creative flow going strong, its time to generate a title. Try and stick to these basic guidelines:

  • Simple > Complicated.  Think 60 characters or less.
  • Make it something you'd want to click on.  Use humor, draw on basic emotions, or have it serve to solve a problem.  Immediate recognition and response is your goal.
  • Use a keyword or two (in a natural way) that pertains to the blog content.
  • Avoid deception - don't mislead your reader with a title that is unrelated to the content they are about to read.
  • Communicate the necessity and importance of your content - your reader can't live without it
  • Put your personality in the title - being playful is a plus!

Run Your Title Through a Headline Analysis Generator

Now that you've been able to generate an idea or two for your blog title, run it through a generator like the Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer.  If will give you an Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) analysis of your title's potency.

If your title falls between 50%-75%, your title is in league with professional copywriters.  If it between 30%-40%, your title is still in good standing.  Anything below 30% you may want to rethink.

In sum?

Successful titles are concise, informative, and interesting.  Don't forget to put in those essential keywords (and don't be afraid of adding a little personality!)

What kinds of blog titles do you enjoy reading? Have any secrets you'd like to share? Drop a comment or send us an email - we'd love to hear from you!